Crash Characters

Topics: Sandra Bullock, Race and Ethnicity, English-language films Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: November 10, 2008
Almost every one of the characters in Crash plays a role of prejudice, ignorance or racial profiling. I can make this judgment based on various scenes from the movie. One character I believe fills an important role in this movie is Ryan Philippe’s as the racist cop’s partner. I think he is very naïve and has the most to learn about himself. I believe this because although he complains about his partner, he doesn’t have to courage to even write a report about his actions. I think the author choose him to be the only person to kill someone for a specific reason. It showed that he, the one who said he was nothing like his partner, was very quick to judge and react to his false judgment when he killed the detective’s brother. I think that then is when you see his true colors.

Chris “Ludacris” Bridges character as the car thief I can say is very hypocritical. He goes on and on various times about how people treat other people of color. He has such a strong opinion about the way people of color are treated but his own actions justify the way people think. To go on and say everything he did about Sandra Bullock’s character squeezing into her husband and complaining about it and then turning to car jack the couple is exactly why he is a hypocrite.

Los Angeles is a unique setting for this story because it has a wide variety of different cultures and races. This story could have taken place in rural Tennessee if maybe it was a story just about black versus whites. But with a setting like Los Angeles it allowed the director to show the racial profiling of many different races all living in one city.

One theme of Crash could be not to judge a book by it cover. Many of the characters are guilty of prejudice but one mostly is Sandra Bullock’s character. While having their locks changed she goes on a tangent about how the locksmith is “going to sell his keys to his homies.” Although she was in a scary situation prior to this...
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