Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Racism, African American Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Chelly Lee
African American History
Movie # 1

“We’re always behind this metal and glass. It’s the sense of touch. I think we miss that touch so much that we crash into each other just so we can feel something.”
Debuting in 2004, Crash, was a movie that definitely touched on several aspects of race, gender, ethnicity, and social classes of individuals living in Los Angeles, California. (Haggis) Not only were there racial issues concerning African Americans, but ethnicity issues were also presented. This was especially impactful, because the release of this film was not long after 9/11. Society was still having a hard time dealing with the impact of that and many were still biased to anyone resembling a Muslim or Arab individual. The film depicts how people often exhibit racist behavior, even while defending themselves of racist behavior, especially when frustrations are running high and life is going wrong. The characters that are portrayed range from people that live high profile lives to common people of the streets and all of them are connected; it strongly resembles the idea that everyone is separated by six degrees and the film shows how easily these people influence each other’s lives.

The film opens with a car accident that leads into an immediate racial confrontation between a Latina American, Ria, and an Asian American, Kim Lee. The Latina lady, Ria, gives the Asian lady, Kim Lee, a really hard time making fun of her English relating that to her driving skills. Kim Lee mentions to the police officer that Immigration should be notified. She automatically assumes that because Ria is Latina, she is an immigrant and she is poor with bad driving habits. Ria just happens to be with her African American lover. Tempers are running high and before you know it everybody is getting biased and the racial remarks start. Misrepresentations pertaining to stereotypes can cause individuals to resort to hurting each other in so many ways. This has...
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