Topics: Angle, Pythagorean theorem, Confectionery / Pages: 6 (702 words) / Published: Oct 22nd, 2014
The gummy bear project was to provide us with a chance to practice the statistics experimental design, through measuring how far the gummy bears fly from a catapult in centimeters. This catapult contains 3 different stages from which to launch gummy bears at different angles: front, middle, and back, as well as two different positions upon the catapult at either the front or back. Then, based upon each configuration, we launched the gummy bears 5 times, for a total of 2x3x5, 30 treatments. Controls
For this, there were multiple controls that required attention. The first was marking at what the pencil was at between the two popsicle sticks in order to maintain constant elasticity in the popsicle sticks. As well, we would always place the entire catapult contraption at the start of a tile and measure from that tile in order to maintain a constant starting point and environment in which the gummy bears were launched. As well, in order to maintain the integrity of the experiment, we only used the same brand gummy bears from the Haribo Company. We consistently marked the point where we launched from on the catapult for all of the back position launches. Finally, we made sure that the popsicle sticks and the angled catapult were stable before each release in order to negate any possible impulse forces from an unstable launch pad. Randomization Process
First we collected our 30 gummy bears for all the treatments in the entire experiment, then we numbered them off 0-29. Next we generated randomly 0-29 non-repeating in order to get an order for launching gummy bears. From there we had our order for launch and continued to the experimental stage where we did all the front launches with all 3 of the angles, then all of the back launches with all 3 of the angles.

Raw Data
1 Denotes notch closest to fulcrum, while 2 is further away and 3 being even further away.
Front denotes closest to

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