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ASSIGNMENT (2013/14)

1.0General Information

Objective:Apply the programming concepts and skills that you learnt from the subject unit ATGE1063 (Chapter 1 to Chapter 6) to design and develop a simple program.

Task Summary:Design and develop Payroll Program that calculate net pay of a salesperson.

Assessment Weight:This assignment contributes 30% of marks to the coursework component.

Team Size:Group assignment (2 persons per group)

Submission Mode:Softcopy and hardcopy (refer to 4.5 Deliverables).

Submission Date:7 July 2013 (Friday of Week 9)


The ACE Company has engaged you to develop a new Monthly Income Program. The program accepts the monthly sales of salesperson and calculates the income at the end of each month.

The requirements are as follows:

1. Read the basic income, allowance, and monthly sales from the keyboard. 2. Calculates 8% commission on monthly sales
3. Calculate 11% for EPF, and gross income of each salesperson and the net pay. 4. Define constant for commission and EPF.
5. Calculate and display net pay for a salesperson.

3.0Task : Program

Gather all the information required and develop the necessary program by using VISUAL BASIC 2010 The program should perform the following:

Display the salesperson’s pay slip in following format:

The contents of the report should be formatted by using Arial font and 12 points in size. Print the report on A4 size paper and use only one side of the paper.

4.1 Constants

Identify and specify all necessary named constant to be used in your system. List the constants (together with their descriptions, data types and values) in a table.

For example:

Data type
A mathematical constant that is used in the calculations of circle’s circumference and area double

4.2 Variables
Identify and specify all the necessary variables to be used in your program, List the variables (together with their descriptions and data types) in tables. You should categorize the variables as followed:

Input variables are used to store use inputs.
Data type
To store the 1st integer entered by user
To store the 2nd integer entered by user
To store the 3rd integer entered by user
Output variables are used to store the results to be displayed as outputs. Example:
Data type
To store the average of the 3 integers entered by user.

4.3 Screenshots
Provide two screenshots of your program with difference sets of input and output as produced by the program. Printout of screen outputs by using Alt+PrinttScr, paste to MS Word and invert the white color. (e.g. Black to white).

4.4 Source Code
Print your program source code by using Courier New font and at least 10 points in size. The program should be tidy and include comments or headings for every section. Use Courier New font, with a minimum font size of 10. Source code on CD or diskette, placed in a CD jacket or small envelop, and attached to your report.

4.5 Deliverables
Draft Deliverables:
Your tutor may request you to submit draft report (either in printed or written form) for particular sections (such as flowchart) before the actual submission of the final work. Please refer to your tutor for the details. Final Deliverables:

Front Cover – College Name, School Name, Unit Code/Title, Assignment #1, Assignment title, Student Name(s), Tutorial Group, Course and Tutor name. 5.0Assessment Criteria

(a)Report (10%):

Formatting and completeness2%

(b)Program (20%):

Level of completeness5%
Program input5%
Program output5%
Efficiency (program logic)5%

The final total of 100% will be converted to 30% of the coursework...
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