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Essential VIII: Professionalism and Professional Values


1. Demonstrate the professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct.

2. Assume accountability for personal and professional behaviors.

3. Promote the image of nursing by modeling the values and articulating the knowledge,

skills, and attitudes of the nursing profession.

4. Demonstrate professionalism, including attention to appearance, demeanor, respect for

self and others, and attention to professional boundaries with patients and families as

well as among caregivers.

5. Demonstrate an appreciation of the history of and contemporary issues in nursing and

their impact on current nursing practice.

6. Reflect on one’s own beliefs and values as they relate to professional practice.

7. Identify personal, professional, and environmental risks that impact personal and

professional choices and behaviors.

8. Communicate to the healthcare team one’s personal bias on difficult healthcare

decisions that impact one’s ability to provide care.

9. Recognize the impact of attitudes, values, and expectations on the care of the very

young, frail older adults, and other vulnerable populations.

10. Protect patient privacy and confidentiality of patient records and other privileged


11. Access interprofessional and intraprofessional resources to resolve ethical and other

practice dilemmas.

12. Act to prevent unsafe, illegal, or unethical care practices.

West Coast University College of Nursing

RN Student Handbook

13. Articulate the value of pursuing practice excellence, lifelong learning, and professional

engagement to foster professional growth and development.

14. Recognize the relationship between personal health, self renewal, and the ability to

deliver sustained quality care.

Essential VIII Examples:

ÿ Describe how attitudes, values, and expectations impact patient care.

ÿ Describe the...
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