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Crank Ellen Hopkins

By austinprill Nov 18, 2013 786 Words

Section 1 – Book Info
Name of Book: Crank
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Where Published: New York, New York 10020
When Published: 2004
Number of Pages: 537
Length to read: 3 weeks

Section 2 – Authors Purpose

The authors purpose in Crank is to inform about the dangers of drugs, and how they can affect everyone around you. The whole book is an example of the things that can happen if you were to do those drugs, the way she gets addicted and how it consumes her life.

Section 3 – Type of Author

Ellen, the author dedicates the book to her family, and all other families whose lives have been touched by the monster. It lets me know that she has a personal connection to the events in the book and she knows how much danger can come from it. Also though she is explaining how someone can come from such a low place and still survive. She seems like a really hearted person and just wants to help and relate with other families.

Section 4 – Prevailing Moods

The first page says “Life was good before I met the monster. After, life was great, At least for a little while.” This quote makes me feel the book is suspenseful because each page im wondering what is going to happen and how it is going to happen. This book is also serious because of all the things Kristina goes through and that some events can happen in everyday life and things can change really fast whether you are ready or not. “Forever has no meaning when you're living in the moment. I wasn't ready for that moment to end.”

Section 5 – Important Element

The events in the story are the most important because she is trying to inform about the dangers of drugs. The time place, characters or time doesn’t matter because it’s happening all the time everywhere. The events tell you about how these things can change your life.

Section 6 – Major Incidents
1. Kristina goes to reno – She goes to visit her dad in reno and there she meets everyone and adam. She tries crank for the first time and gets addicted and starts a relationship with adam. The addiction and story begins. 2. Juvenile Hall – Kristina Is caught hitchhiking and goes to juvenile hall. That’s where she meets an inmate and gets a new pathway to drugs. Now she is a drug dealer and spending all her time doing and selling drugs. 3. Pregnancy – Kristina realizes she is pregnant and plans on having an abortion because she was raped and didn’t want to have Chase’s baby. She ends up not having the abortion because she felt the baby inside her move. She tells her parents about the addiction and pregnancy, she has a healthy baby boy and this will change her life.

Section 7 – Compare & Contrast

The last book I read was, The Brethren by Josh Grisham. I didn’t like this book as much it didn’t have an interesting story line. It was a long boring read and didn’t keep my attention. This was a book I know can be good if it was the type of read you were looking for.

Crank on the other hand had a way of keeping my attention, the way it was worded made it easier to read. Crank was easy to understand and follow what was going on. Both books were suspenseful but I was more interested in Kristina’s life because it made you feel like you were there living it with her. It had a more realistic base.

Section 8 – Main Theme

I feel the main theme was why you should not fall into peer pressure, just make the right decisions for yourself. Don’t let others try to bring you down when you know nothing good can come from it. Kristina, an honor roll student turning into a drug addict goes through some hell just because she fell into the pressure. Life can be stressful and boring but no one has to turn to drugs.

Section 9 – What is Praiseworthy

What I love about the book is the way it kept making me want to turn the next page, it was a fast read and the way it was written on the pages made it easier to read and interesting. The story line of the book was good and to the point, there wasn’t a lot of pointless wording which made it rather not hard to follow.

Section 10 – Short Comings

The book Crank is one of my favorite books I’ve read, there is really nothing I find wrong with this book. I wouldn’t change a thing and I can’t wait to ready the following book in the series.

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