Cranberry and Berries

Topics: Cranberry, Drying, Time Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: November 2, 2013
National Cranberry Cooperative Case
Political Science
Junki Hong
To begin with, this assignment is done with Kim Seo Yeon (20100472, Sociology).
National Cranberry Cooperative Case is the study done by the Harvard Business School about a process of warehousing from the delivery and arriving of cranberry to a manufacturing in the warehouse. National Cranberry Cooperative was an organization formed and owned by growers of cranberries to process and markets their berries. The handling of process fruit RP1 was highly mechanized. The process could be classified into several operations; receiving and testing, dumping, temporary holding, destroying, dechaffing, drying separation and bulking and bagging. The objective of the total process was to gather bulk berries and prepare them for storage and processing into frozen fresh berries, sauce, and juice.

In the case, there is a capacity for drying process only 600 barrel per hour and capacity for the wet bin is also 3200 barrel per hour. In this case, the capacity for drying process is the bottleneck of the entire flowchart and this brings about the result that workers cannot help do overworks. Also, insufficiency of the wet bin storage capacity makes truck drivers to wait until the berries are unloaded. Because of this problem, the overtime cost were still out of control in the fall, that is the peak time, and the growers are still upset that their trucks and drivers had to spend much time for waiting to unload process fruit into the receiving plant. 1. In the current flow of the process, identify the bottleneck areas. What recommendations, both short-term and long-term, would you make to solve the bottleneck problem? As I mentioned earlier, the bottleneck area of this case is the short capacity of dryer and that of the wet bin. To be specific, in the peak, approximately 19,000 barrel of the berries arrives to the plant in a day and 70% of those, 13,300 barrels, are wet and needed to be dried. To say...
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