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Topics: Boy, Audience theory, Learning Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: March 15, 2012
Individuals seeking new worlds have to overcome obstacles and challenges but there are rewards for venturing into the world. How true is this of Craig Ashby’s experiences? Craig Ashby’s speech titled ‘A Getting of Wisdom’ demonstrates aspects of overcoming obstacles and challenges in new worlds, and how new influences can change the way we perceive the world. Published in the Sydney Morning Herald 2007 Ashby illuminates positive and negative personal aspects of growing up in poverty, as he reveals this through his changing worlds and how he transforms from an insecure lost boy into a respectable proud aboriginal man. Ashby’s metaphorical introduction “I was born out of the black dust of Walgett” demonstrates literal reference to the country side of Walgett, but also theoretical reference to his black heritage and up brining. The alliteration developed in this quote injects rhythm and a sense of pride in his culture. Also highlighting the poverty and hardship he faced, immediately creating an obstacle for him to overcome in order to venture into new worlds. Throughout Ashby’s speech he continually inserts anecdotes benefitting the audiences understanding of the adversity he was challenged with. The anecdote of the time he spent in Dubbo was significant as he explains to the audience “I learnt a lot that year. I learnt to drink and the correct way to smoke pot. I hung around in a gang and we taught one another.” This was a low point for Ashby, the use of the word ‘gang’ demonstrates his need for a place to fit in, there is little direction in his life at this point. Lacking education and not being able to read or write Ashby is placed into the 8th grade. “I was a rough kid trying to live in a rough world” the repetition of “rough” displays seclusion and a lack of guidance from fellow aboriginal teenagers. Ashby need support and exhibits lack of control and a sense of isolation, “My way of life had me headed towards Bathurst jail”. The use of first person...
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