Crafting of the Story 'Scary Movies'

Topics: White people, Black people, Narrative Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: October 31, 2006
The crafting of the story Scary Movies by Stephen Amidon is highly effective. The structure, the narrative voice, the use of images and the description make the story an effective one.

The story begins with the opening statement, "I was 9 years old when I first discovered the Roxy Theater and learnt something about fear'. I think this is a good opening for the story because it keeps the reader interested. The reader wants to find out what kind of fear the narrator is experiencing.

When Kevin and the narrator are ‘trapped' at the Roxy, there is a huge moment of suspense and tension. The reader really wants to know what is going to happen to the two boys.

The ending of this story is very sad, "…before the end of the movie, knowing who the real monster at the Roxy was, I snuck out through the emergency exit and walked back to my side of town." I think is a depressing ending. I think the reason this hits the reader hard is because after all the things the narrator had done, life had just returned to how it used to be with the white people being seen as more superior than the black and the black people not having the same opportunities as the white people..

Through the voice of the narrator, you get a sense of childish delight and wonder about the world. Though the voice of the narrator has the imagination and way of describing things of a child, it is still made clear that it is an adult looking back. The voice of the narrator is in first-person throughout the story, but the emotions the narrator is feeling are all varied. When Kevin and the narrator are going to the Roxy regularly and all the people there are fine with that, the narrator's voice is happy but at the end, after all the riots the tone of voice shows more melancholy. Through the whole story, the narrator describes everything in great detail, but still makes it clear that it is through a child's eyes.

You get a real sense of being at the cinema through the way the narrator...
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