Craft Analysis of Web Conjunctions

Topics: Literature, Poetry, Literary magazine Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Craft Analysis of Web Conjunctions
It takes a few things to create a good literary magazine. It takes a large group of people from all ends of the market. It goes without saying that you need a selection of talented writers. People who are skilled marketers and advertisers will draw public attention to the magazines. This is extremely important do to the fact most of these magazines are online and are open to the public world of the internet. Editors to decide who will make the final cut into the magazine as well correct the minor errors along the way. All of these things and a group of interested readers are the recipe for a successful literary magazine such as Web Conjunctions. Web Conjunctions is an online literary magazine ( From this magazine I read a various amount of poetry including the set “Three Poems by Brandon Kreitler.” “Self-Portrait as the Speech of the Mime” was the first listed and I found it to be a bit off from my personal taste but all in all a good piece of work for its use of verse and the idea of what it may be like to be a mime. However the idea of poetry is adding clarity to complex emotions in an artistic manner. This poem did not accomplish that. “Cloture on the Reinstatement of Day” is enjoyable for any fan of poetry. Good stanzas and descriptive words that have good sounds to them. My personal favorite “Acts” Is the last of Brandon Kreitlers set of poems. The main reason I like this poem so much is because it is different from all his other writing. This poem not only has descriptive words that paint a picture but the writing style of the stanzas and use of line breaking is unique and adds suspense and dramatic effect to the story the poem tells. It is very helpful to the authors’ case. I found it surprising that the poems were all so different and then it occurred to me that authors of this magazine are all different from one another and that any fan of fiction or poetry can find something they like on...
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