Crackling Day

Topics: Black people, White people, South Africa Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: August 24, 2010
Lea Bordeos Ms. Antonette P. Talaue 10713565 HUMALIT July 1, 2010

Quiz 1: Crackling Day

If I were to decide whether Uncle Sam did the right thing or not when he “punished” Lee, I would say that he did the right thing. This is because taking their (South Africans) situation in consideration, he did not have much choice. If Uncle Sam did not follow what the Baas wanted, they would probably be thrown out of their house since the land belongs to the Baas. Uncle Sam, being older and wiser, chose the option which was “less evil”. He chose not to go against the will of the Baas since he knows that they (the Whites) are the means to their survival, which is very practical. He probably thought that whipping Lee, and continuing life as they know it, is better than living a life with no idea where to go or how to survive, and I agree with him. His decision was not only for his benefit but what he did was actually for the good of the three of them. He probably did not want his family to suffer more than what they are already experiencing. Some may argue that Uncle Sam should have stood up and fought against the Baas rather than hurting his nephew. That way, he could express his aversion on the way Whites treat them and somewhat send a signal to other Blacks to do the same, and actually make a difference. They would argue that Uncle Sam should have done an act of heroism for the benefit of the majority. But if you come to think of it, they are already treated as slaves and they have been treated that way for a long time. It is impossible that in that span of time, no single Black stood up against the Whites. And obviously, that did not have any effect on how things were. Even Uncle Sam, possibly, has felt the desire to go against the Whites during his younger years so he knows that it is not really worth it. A death of an individual, or even a group, would not ignite the hearts...
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