Cracker Jack

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Section I: Organization’s Business, Missions and Goals

1.1 Business Definition
1.2 Business Mission
1.3 Business Goals or Objectives

Section II: Organizational Growth Opportunities

2.1 Environment Opportunities
2.2 Distinctive Competencies
2.3 Success Requirement
2.4 SWOT Analysis Framework
3 - 5
Marketing Mix Analysis

Section III: Product- Market Strategies

3.1 Market Penetration
3.2 Market Development Strategy
3.3 New Offering Development
3.4 Diversification
3.5 Decision Tree

Section IV: Budgeting

4.1 Financial Budget
4.2 Special Budget

Section V: Marketing Audit

5.1 Strategic Aspects
5.2 Operational Aspects
5.3 Recommendation

Section VI: Latest Developments
Section1: Organization business definition, mission and goal 1.1 Business Definition
Cracker Jack origin was from Borden Foods Corporation which had been owned by Borden since 1964. Borden’s intention to sell Cracker Jack brand had become public in June 1997. After few years, vice president and general manager for New Ventures at the Frito-Lay Company, a division of PepsiCo, Inc., would like to acquisition of Cracker Jack from Borden Foods Corporation. Currently, Cracker Jack is one of the brands of Frito-Lay Company and they produce delicious popcorn with variety flavor. Cracker Lack brand has been an American favorite for more than 105 years. Especially the delicious blend of caramel coated popcorn and peanuts had gain customers commitment and recognition. 1.2 Business Mission

To drive Cracker Jack business growth by seek and create new business platforms and products with the high-impact consumer food solutions. 1.3 Production Objective
Continue to present the market new and innovative products in the following year starting from 2013. Keep continue produce variety product in following year from 2013.

Financial Objective
To increase 5% sales next three year from year 2013.

Marketing Objective
To increase market shares at least 10% every year from year 2013. To maintain strong brand equities by customer in pop-corn industry. Keep continue increase customer awareness by using communication program in future year 2013.

Section 2: Organization Growth Opportunities
2.1 Environmental Opportunities
Social Culture
Base on the industry research show that, Caramel popcorn can be treating as a primary snack which eats at home in afternoon and evening as a treat or reward. Four of five consumers eat at home and 80% of eating in the afternoon and evening. 12% of US households consume RTE caramel popcorn and average two purchase per year. 70% consume for salty snack like potato chips and 31% consume candy. Economic

Base on the information showing that, American economic is currently grow in 2013 first quarter with increase 2.5% (appendices 1) in the GDP. This shows those American households have more income to be use and spend to buy those unnecessary products such as snack. 2.2 Distinctive Competencies

By emphasize the “better for you” qualities of Cracker Jack fat free in both original and butter toffee flavors. Cracker Jack have make a big different with those competitor which is in the same industry, this is more health for those consumer to eat their product. 2.3 Success Requirements

Cracker Jack Should need more understand with those consumers need and want for snack and base on this way to produce with that kind of the snack which can achieve the consumer estimation such as more flavors, health care snack. The taste of the consumer is keeping change and they want those snack which able to satisfy their mouth.

2.4 SWOT Analysis
Internal Factors
External Factors










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