Cracked Up to Be

Topics: High school, Adolescence, College Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Cracked Up To Be.

Parker Fadley used to be perfect. She looked perfect, had the perfect boyfriend, achieved perfect grades, and a perfect life. She was head cheerleader and she was popular, she had it all. And then, something changed. Parker showed up to school drunk one day, started to failed her classes, she broke up with her boyfriend, quit the cheerleading squad, neglected her appearance and her friends. She did anything she could possibly do to ruin her life. She became self-destructive, hated and in result, she was in danger of not graduating.

People thought it was all an act just for attention, but all Parker wanted was to be left alone. But with the way she acted, that was kind of impossible. People were demanding to be told the truth, but Parker never gave it to them. Chris, her ex-boyfriend, wouldn’t leave her alone, and neither did the new kid, Jake. She had weekly meetings with the guidance counselor. Her parents were afraid she’ll hurt herself irrecoverably. She was not the Parker everyone knew a year ago, and her deepest darkest secret, the one everyone’s trying to get out of her, is the reason why.

She felt that she could never, ever tell the truth about what had happened. She had witnessed her “best friend”, getting raped. Then later found out that she had gone missing. She felt responsible for her best friend’s missing case, because she was the last one who had seen her, if only she had stepped in at the time, her best friend could’ve been alive. She kept this secret bottled up inside her and let it wreck her because she was supposed to be perfect, and witnessing a crime and not doing anything about it was a mistake. And Parker wasn’t supposed to make mistakes because she was perfect.

Later on in the novel when word gets out that the missing girl had been confirmed dead, Parker loses it and gets drunk at school. Luckily, her class mates bump into her intoxicated self and get her out of the school before...
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