cpmgt300 Week 5 The Importance of WBS

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Breaking Down the Work3
Define the project scope3
Breakdown of the project4
What is the Work Breakdown Structure5
What will the project deliver5

Breaking Down the Work
Work Breakdown Structure is a tool that helps define the work elements of a project being established and at the same time it indentifies its entire scope. Is simple is like a map but only based on a project that indentifies every elements and helps manager keep track and control of what is going on. "Provides the relationships among all the components of the project and the project deliverables" (Project Management Institute, 2008). For this paper I will create a work breakdown structure that will help with the success of my project, I will include the relationship of the project I have assembled and will explain the components and breakdowns of the project. In Project Management a work breakdown structure is a deliverable decomposition of a project into smaller milestones that are measurable throughout the project life cycle. The work breakdown structure is used to evaluate all facets of a project. The WBS will assist the PM in cost estimation as well as who is performing what tasks and when the tasks should be complete The work breakdown structure shows and allows adaptation and quick communication if there is a problem that needs to be addressed. The relationship of the project will be that the work breakdown structure is part of a project scope management that will consist of creation of the work project breakdown, definition of the scope and control scope. This type of information is necessary for the project to be defined and succeed.

Define the project scope
The scope of the project I am establishing would be the end results or what is delivered at the end. This is exactly what I will use for measuring and planning the project. Defining the scope it will measure the outcome of the project end result. In the project the scope is between PM, sponsor and stakeholders this will be a necessity of what has to be delivered to satisfy the stakeholder needs. The project scope will be used for planning, design criteria, and cost estimation of the project.

Breakdown of the project
For this project I will define the deliverables outcome for the lifecycle of the project in this case it could it be a list of stakeholders and end users preference and their needs. This will also define the activities for the project to be a success. The purpose of the Project Plan is to present the required detail to successfully manage and complete the project. The project plan is a living document and is expected to change over time as more information is made available regarding the project. The estimated cost should be in place, along with the cost estimate, a project must have determined budget in place. If a budget is not in place the project may be more expensive than what it is worth for the company. With a budget in place it will also let the financial department know if the budget is available to complete the project. A well thought out plan should be in place this will guarantee the project will be successful. A procurement plan should also be a part of the project. The Procurement Plan is used to provide information about the purchase of goods and services, how vendors will be chosen, what kind of contract will be used, and who will be involved at each state of the process (Procurement Plan, pg 3, 2007).

What is the Work Breakdown Structure
XYZ Commercial Airlines requires this project implementation to improve the safety of its valued employee’s using a low impact design on the fragile environment that surrounds the Cedar River. What will the project deliver

Safe crossing over the ------- River during people moves. Walkers will be able to safely cross back to their work stations Lower lost workday cases from hazards while crossing the bridge The project will need...

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