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1.List the information generally found on a title block.
The title block of a drawing, usually located on the bottom or lower right hand corner, contains all the information necessary to identify the drawing. It shows:
date drawn
site address
number of sheet (page) in relation to others
name of sheet
name of client
builder’s name
scales used
date of amendments
draftspersons name
glossary of terms

2.Why is it necessary to update the issue on a drawing?
It is very important. Because all misunderstandings should be checked as early as possible. It will lead to reduce an error on drawings.

3.Most specifications will contain in their Preliminaries section, a note regarding ‘ambiguities’, ‘discrepancies’, and ’obvious work’. Do you believe these clauses are fair? Why? I believe that these clauses are very important. First of all, because specification is a means of communicating to a number of people a description of the works which could not be described adequately by graphic means. Moreover specifications often assist the understanding of a project that may be confusing on initial perusal or to clarify detail not picked up off the drawings. It means that all notes must be read and checked on all stages on developing of documentation.

4.What are the advantages of a builder analyzing the contract documents? First of all, builder can revise all documents in some cases: •errors and inaccuracy in drawings and specifications in accordance to Building Code of Australia and Standards •estimate cost of the project

estimate completion time of the project
develop schedule for constructors and materials supply

5.What era the consequences of poor documentation?
There are some consequences of poor documentation
Delaying in completion of the project
The cost of the project may rise because of addition unmentioned compulsory work •Delaying in bank payments
Disputes may arise between contractors and builder

6.Assume existing...
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