Cowgirl Chocolates

Topics: Marketing, Retailing, Chocolate Pages: 2 (259 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Major problem:

How can “Cowgirl Chocolates” advertise and increase profitability through their online retail services and expand their wholesale business to include more retailers?

Sub-Problems: (non-controllable)
Economy- if the economy is in recession, the demand for expandable goods will decrease. •Demand- only approximately 15% of consumer is currently eating spicy foods. Men are more inclined to eat spicy food than women. •Supply- product has a short shelf life and contains imported ingredients from Germany, which is a high cost. •Technology- using machinery to print the product labels that involves a additional cost with the required use of printing plates and printing die. •Public Policy- Food and Drug Administration requiring safer packaging, nutrition facts and ingredients facts to be labeled on product. •Competition- larger competitors using medium quality chocolate were selling larger bars at lower price points. Sub- Problems: (controllable)

Market target- how can cowgirl chocolates expand its appeal to both men and women? •Product- modify ingredients and taste to appeal more broader market •Place- expand to specialty gift shops and coffee shops

Price- price flexibility as the seasons change.
Promotion- can Cowgirl Chocolate develop “pull” strategy? Other Sub-Problems:
How can Cowgirl Chocolates define its customers and test the market? •Should cowgirl Chocolates offer more discounts and small giveaways on its website? Alternative Courses of Action
Major Problem
Cowgirl Chocolate can increase Demand through
1.Providing unique benefits through website
2.Using concentrated market strategy
3.Advertising and promoting
Cowgirl Chocolate can increase growth by
1.Market segmentation
2.Growth strategies
Market Target
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