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Topics: Facebook, Criticism of Facebook, Privacy policy Pages: 4 (556 words) Published: November 16, 2012
Case Study Questions:

1- What concepts in the chapter are illustrated in the case?

The concepts in the chapter that illustrated in the case study are information privacy.

Which is a very Sensitive matter. Other consept is Facebook as a platform. So by

Facebook being a platform it is allowing third parties to access and use Facebook’s user

personal data.

2- Describe the weaknesses of facbook’s privacy Policies and features. What

management, organization, and technology factors have contributed to those weaknesses?

There are many weaknesses of Facebook privacy policy. The most dangerous weakness

is Facebook is Letting a third party access and use users private information. Face book is

stating that they have no responsibility on other web sites and applications that appears in

Facebook walls.

Also The privacy policy states that if the account is deleted some of the account owner

may stay In the system and not get deleted.

3-List and describe some of the options that facebook managers have in balancing

privacy and profitability.How Can Facebook better safeguard user privacy? What would

be the impact on its profitability and business model?

I believe it is very hard for Facebook management to Balance between Privacey and

Profitability and the main reason is as more privacy users get less profits Facebook

Will make. And that is why Facebook users have to fight every while for their privacy.

It happened when the management to keep and use users informtions even after deleting

Their accounts
4-Do you anticipate that facebook will be successful in developing a business model that

monetizes their site traffic? Why or Why not?

Mis In Action

1- To what user Information does facebook retain the rights?

Facebook retain the right to keep all user information. And use it in order to provide

services and goods

“We store data for as long as it is necessary to provide...
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