Cowboys and Indians

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Cowboys and Indians – Clara Madsen

1) Resume
The story "Cowboys and Indians" is about a girl, who is at her grandmothers funeral. She doesn't feel very comfortable, so she calls her cousin David to come and rescue her. He is a real rebellion and he picks her up on his motorcycle. Their first stop is at a bar where they drink a couple of shots and a beer. Then they drive of again. At the second stop they smoke a joint and talk about their grandmother, and how David feels stuck in his life. Then they gets hungry and decides to eat at a little takeout stand. There are sitting two old women. They tell that the wind brings devil spirits and they think that David and the narrator brought it with them. Then they drive home, and says their goodbye outside the house. David doesn't want to deal with the family.

2) Characterize
The Narrator is a girl with two personalities. She have learned to behave so she can fit in the society, but she is an outlaw. Almost like David. She hasn't found her right identity yet, so she is living a kind of double life? Already in the beginning she knows that she is old enough to help ind the house and talk to people, but she just want to escape. "Our grandfather, the patriarch of the family, despised us both". (l. 57) The grandfather also thinks that she is different even though she tries to hide it. The narrator is also an little naive, because she believes in almost everything David tells her. She wants to be tough and cool, when she is around him but she is often a little insecure.

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