Cowboys and Indians

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Cowboys and Indians


This story takes place in New Mexico, and is about the narrator, a young woman. The story begins at narrator’s grandmother’s funeral. All relatives and friends are gathered at the grandmother’s house, and the narrator is helping her aunts serving coffee and appetizers. The narrator’s cousin David, who is the ‘Rebel’ in the family, comes and takes her out. They drive away on his Ducati and goes to a bar for drinks. They eventually end up watching the sunset and eating chili. They talk about David should have visited their grandmother more often, after watching the sunset and talking, David drops the narrator of at the funeral feast. David end up driving away from the house, he can’t handle coming inside, but the narrator is again the polite young woman, and she wonders why David can’t be polite and helpful like her.


The narrator is this young woman from Connecticut. When we first meet the narrator, she is attending at her grandmother’s funeral and the funeral feast. She seems to be this nicely and polite young helpful woman, but that changes as soon her rebellious cousin David is with her. She ‘turns in to him’ with the whole attitude. At the funeral feast she is thanking everyone for attending, but she wants to escape the responsible role, and unleash her wild side. She describes that her relationship with her isn’t the closes one, but she was a role model. Her whole relationship with David is slightly different than with her grandmother, her responsible side vanishes. She is after all David’s favorite cousin. She feels stronger and tougher, and isn’t afraid when Davis is around, she is almost like a teenager with her.

Similarities and differences between David and the narrator

The similarities between David and the narrator, is easy to spot. They have the wild side and enjoy the feeling of freedom. They have been seen as the black sheep’s in their family, and they are also seen as outsiders. But...
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