Cow Heart Dissection

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Cow Heart Dissection
By: Ashley McAllister


Ashley McAllister
Miss Reilmann
March 16, 2014
Cow Heart Dissection
A. Background Information
When the class dissected the cow heart last Thursday there were a lot of different things that could be seen. The purpose of this particular dissection was to see how the heart worked and pumped blood so that the body was able to receive the nutrients and oxygen it needed to survive. The cow heart and a human heart are alike in many ways, based on the same structures and how the blood goes in and out of the heart. However, the cow heart is so much bigger than the human heart. In this lab, there will be more detail on what was seen and how the dissection works.

B. Materials
1. Cow heart
2. Surface to cut on
3. Scalpel
4. Poker stick
5. Gloves
6. Paper towels
7. Pen
8. Paper
9. Scissors

C. Procedure
1. Put gloves on.
2. Take cow heart out of the bag and place it on the surface area you are using. 3. Put the heart so that when you look down the left side is on the left and the right side is on the right. 4. Observe the outside of the heart and record what you see. 5. Cut open the right side of the heart, using the scalpel or scissors, so that you can see the different structures that are on the right side 6. Observe and write down what you see.

7. Use the poker stick to push your way through the openings in the right side, like the right ventricle, superior vena cava, inferior vena cava, and the pulmonic valve. 8. Cut open the left side of the heart using a scalpel or scissors, so that you can see the different structures that are on the left side like the aortic valve and the let pulmonary veins. 9. Finish observing the inside of the heart.

10. Clean up; throw away the heart, clean off the tools used, and disinfect the area used for the dissection.

D. Observations
During the lab, Hannah and I had quite a few observations. First off, majority of the organs were cut off so there was not a lot of different outside structures we could see. When the heart was taken out of the bag, it was cold, a little squishy, and the color was like a light skin color. The left side was squishier than the right side. The aorta was extremely thick and the color was a pinkish/tan. The bicuspid valve looked like spaghetti, how it was stringed out and connecting the left atrium to the left ventricle. The tricuspid valve on the other hand was extremely stiff. The semi lunar valves were very stretchy that came from the pulmonary valves. E. Conclusion

The reason for this dissection was to see how the heart worked and why it was necessary to have. The bicuspid valves are extremely important because it keeps blood out of the atrium and pushes it towards the aorta. The cow heart and the human heart are similar in a lot of ways, especially in the way that all the structures are placed and work. After learning about the heart and doing the dissection it is clear that the heart is one of the vital organ’s to survive. The heart is where all the blood is pumped through so without the heart the blood would have no way to go throughout the body unless put onto a machine in the hospital.

Work Cited
Reilmann, K.J. (2013). Anatomy Class Notes.

Cited: Reilmann, K.J. (2013). Anatomy Class Notes.
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