Covering Letter of Order

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Covering Letter of Order

 Make any nece----ssary points and confirm the terms that have been agreed  The buyer’s order is an offer to buy and the seller or offerer is not legally bound to honour their agreement . A. The buyer’s obligations

When a binding agreement comes into force, the buyer is required by law: (1)to accept the goods supplied, provided they comply with the terms of the order (2)to pay for them at the time of delivery, unless there is an agreement to the contrary (3)to check the goods as soon as possible (Failure to give prompt notice of faults to the seller will be taken as acceptance of the goods) B. The seller’s obligations

The seller is required by law:
(1)to deliver the goods exactly of the kind ordered, and at the agreed time (2)to guarantee the goods to be free from faults of which the buyer could not be aware at the time of purchase

Structure of a covering order letter

 Explain your pleasure in enclosing your order
-We thank you very much for your offer dated 31 March, 2008 and are pleased to enclose our draft order No. HD 36. Please study and sign if it is acceptable to you. -We thank you for your offer No. 303/P2 of 31 March, 2008 and have pleasure in placing an order on the following terms and conditions: II. BODY

 Emphasize or highlight important details
- Delivery by 30 April is essential, and we reserve the right to cancel the order and/or return the shipment at any time after that date. - Please note that/ pay attention to make sure that the goods must reach us before…. so that we could have the goods for sale at Christmas season. - Payment shall be/ is to be made/ effected by L/C

E Thank and refer to future prospect
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