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如何写COVER LETTER, 应聘必备——自荐信来源: 思今的日志

OPENING PARAGRAPH: Who You Are and What You Want (Purpose) 开头段:介绍自己说明目的
  - State the purpose of the letter and who you are. 自我介绍   - Name the position for which you are applying. 应聘职位   - State your personal interest in the company. 对公司的兴趣   - Include how you heard of the position or the name of the person who referred you. 获知渠道  

例:Dear Ms. Lee:
As an MBA student at the Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College, I am pursuing a brand management position with Goldman Snacks, a premier food manufacturing company. My resume is enclosed for your review. Reflection:  Pursue a **position with

PARAGRAPH TWO: Why You Are a Good Candidate (Skills)
  - Do not restate your resume. Use the cover letter to say things that you could not “fit” on your resume. 不需要重复简历已有内容,自荐信是给你那些不大适合在简历上出现的信息一个发光的机会   - Relate your skills/accomplishments to the employer’s needs. Do not make the reader guess what you want and why you are qualified. 向你的雇主讲述你的才能和成就,不要让他去猜你有有什么能力   - Use specific examples to prove what you claim while remaining brief and to the point. 用简单的例子来证明你的能力,但同时也要尽量保证简洁   - Don’t emphasize your desires. Focus on what you can contribute.   不要强调你的需要和梦想,而要集中于你能带来的价值   - Answer the question, “What can I do for the company?” Communicate in some special way that your skills can be valuable to the potential hirer. 回答这个问题:“我能为公司做些什么?” 通过独特的方式说明你可以为公司带来什么价值  

With over two years of marketing and management experience from Pizza Hut, Inc., I can offer your firm a broad skill set with an emphasis on creativity and analysis. My marketing strategies at Pizza Hut led to a 150% increase in sales volume coupled with a profit increase of over 200%. Additionally, as a Marketing Representative for Neon Concepts, Inc., I assisted in obtaining large corporate accounts such as Vuarnet France, Science Diet, Nordica, Ray Ban, and Rollerblade.  

Reflection: offer a broad skill set with...
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