Covering Ignorance

Topics: Individual rights, Civil and political rights, Sociology Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 21, 2013
In “The New Civil Rights”, Kenji Yoshino proposed that change is needed in our current civil rights. In recent discussion of civil rights, one issue has been seen that minorities are “covering” or toning down a disfavored identity to fit into the mainstream (Yoshino 479). On the one hand, some argues that “covering” is a vital part for a fluid social interaction and peaceful coexistence. From this perspective, we can see that the Yoshino’s “new civil rights” that should be based to individual rights rather than groups can have a drastic change in how our society functions (Yoshino 481). On the other hand, Yoshino argues that a “new civil rights” is needed for harnessing individual authenticity rather than to assimilate in group identities. In Steve Olson’s essay he said that Hawaii is a “melting pot of racial cultures” where races are almost indistinguishable because of the history of intermarriage but still these people chose to affiliate themselves differently than others (Olson 251). According to this view even with the lost of distinction between racial groups in Hawaii they still affiliate themselves to different groups to distinguish from the other groups. By looking at Yoshino’s paradigm of “new civil rights”, we can see that while its goal of “liberty” is commendable, it is dependent on individuals that will give action which is impractical. We can in sum, then, the issue is finding an effective way to help all citizens’ exercise their civil rights or will it be just a lost cause because we will remain ignorant of the issue. In Marc Maurer’s “Creating Disability Rights” Maurer said “they themselves the disabled are the primary agents of change” (Maurer 6). Maurer wanted to change the view of the judicial court about how the disabled are being discriminated and not being protected by the civil rights, but again like Yoshino’s idea, Maurer needs the people to see the issue and act upon it which can cause people to ignore it. I myself didn’t really give too...
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