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Many organizations nowadays take on broad ranges to training and development from highly specific job skills to long-term professional development. Training and development has even lately emerged as a formal business function that it is an integral element of strategy to the organization itself. Many businesses factor in the quality of employees, by embracing the concept of "continual learning" as a means of promoting employee development at the same time acquiring highly skilled work force.

After researching on steps to training and development, there have been numerous results, each having their own set of steps, some have three steps, five steps and seven-step plans. Looking through the many sources, there are a lot of similarities between them. Then there was one article I found written by Jim Kasperik and Greg Herlevi of Tooling U-SME company that specializes on professional consultative services on training resources. They wrote a very detailed article on the steps of the training and even linking to workforce training success. In order to establish a world-class training and development program, the management must conjure up attainable goals and must understand the expected results. For this to be possible, Kasperik and Herlevi suggest a five-step process to help make the program a success. All five steps are basic terms; Investigate, plan, develop, implement and lastly document. Each of these steps further elaborate on key activities occurring in order. In step one, that is to investigate, the management of the company must gain a better understanding of their workforce's present state in terms of their current tasks and their potential skills for future career advancement. In Brunei's oil and gas company, they have their own training and development department with their own research team compiling assessments and training needs analysis for their employees. The analysis helps determine which area in the company require more training...
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