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Courtroom Players

By suly34 May 02, 2013 344 Words

Courtroom Players
Brain Carter
November 21, 2012

COURTROOM PLAYERS 2 Courtroom Players
In the United States criminal justice system, a courtroom work group is an informal arrangement between a criminal prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and the judicial officer. This is a foundational concept in the academic discipline of the criminal justice system. Everyone in the courtroom group tries to get along. Often they act as if they are good friends. Although the members of the court group are against each other, at the end of the day justice is being served in the courtroom regardless of the gender, race, or national origin. The role of the prosecutor is to represent the government and prove the defendant is guilty of the crime. Prosecutors participate in, jury selection; opening statements, direct examination, cross-examination, and closing arguments. The prosecutor also makes sure that the jurors can be fair as well. Prosecutors are able to determine which cases to work by confirming if perhaps the case has merit, and sufficient evidence to purse a conviction. If the criteria for taking a case were more or less stringent, it would make the police officers job a lot harder by having to go more in depth then what they have to go through nowadays, and this is due to the prosecutor having to prove even more evidence beyond a reasonable doubt in court. Nonetheless, if the criteria for taking of a case were less stringent I think that the officers and the prosecutors jobs would be too easy to prove if someone is guilty, and it would not give a defendant a fair trail. Perhaps the change that I would make to the courtroom work group would be that, many people believe that the courtroom work group should consider adding more security. Though out the years several cases have been documented about felony’s grabbing the COURTROOM PLAYERS 3 Courtroom Players

Police officers/sheriff’s pistol and shooting members of the courtroom, finally do think that the yelling in the courtrooms needs to be controlled.

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