Courtesy: Key to a Happy World Summary

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« Courtesy : key to a happy world » is written by Dr Noman Vincent Peale. Dr Norman Vincent Peale affirms in his text that the courtesy would be the key to a happier world. He begins his argumentation with an assessement, if people were courteous, there wouldn’t be any difficulties in relationships. He follows with exemples of complaints. Human beings hunger for courtesy. His argumentation is based on a receipe – the receipe for courtesy. There are several « ingrédients » in this receipe : there is a sense of justice which is illustrated by one of his friend’s story and his tradeoff » exemple, then there is the empathy a quality that enables a person to see into the mind or heart of someone else, to understand the pain or hapiness. Followed by and exemple of a man and a busboy. Finally, the last ingrédient is the capacity to treat all people alike even when you have doubts.

Dr Norman Vincent Peale continues his argumentation with a practical guide on how to improve his or her courtesy. First, you should practise courtesy, you have to concentrate on your perdormance in a specific area. Then, he warns us about the difficulties « to refuse to let other people’s manners goad you into retaliating in kind ». The second point is to think in a courteous way, meaning that you have to forget the bad habits. He gives the exemple of the anger in a mariage and then he gives an advice to all the married couple on what they should do when they are angry. The last point is that you must accept courtesy and receive it because there is no ulterior motive for being courteous. Dr Norman Vincent Peale concludes that being courteous changes your vision of the other individuals
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