Court Testimony

Topics: Hair follicle, Hair, Skin Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Cynethia Lee
Court Testimony

Good morning, everyone in this courtroom today my name is Cynethia Lee and I’m an expert witness. I’m here today because I hold some key evidence in the murder of Alma Tirtsche. While stating what I saw on that cold gruesome day of Ms.Tirtsche’s murder I’m also going to inform you on how hair from a victim can be traced back to a suspect in a case maybe leading up to a trial and conviction. source: Google

Here are some of the things you should know about hair. Hair is made up of a medulla, cortex, and cuticle it has a follicle in the skin where the hair sprouts up from the shaft. It varies in length from long, short, or medium sized, it also varies in color but just to name a few there are blonde, black, brown, red etc. Hair has three developmental stages, the first one is called the anagen stage which is the stage where the hair starts Its growing process, the second stage is catagen which is the stage where your hair keeps growing but, it also starts changing like becoming brittle, damaged, and weathered. Lastly there is the telegen stage where the hair is very dormant or non-existing. Did you know that a wide range of hair products such as perms, relaxers, and curl activators can be found in a victim’s body because of the toxins that these hair products contain? When analyzing the hair macroscopically certain characteristics you should look for are the length, color, the texture such as wavy, straight, or brittle and the presence or absence of hair follicles. When analyzing the hair microscopically you should check to see if it’s animal, vegetable, or synthetic in its origin, you should also see if the hair has ever been dyed, bleached, or chemically treated. In most cases forenscic scientist check to see if the hair has been forcebally removed,as in snatched an pulled out. In this case I believe that Colin Ross is the primary suspect. I say this because on the blanket found by police in ross’s home it had two...
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