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Court Systems
University of Phoenix
Survey of Justice and Security
AJS 502
William Miller
February 23, 2015


The case of Jodi Arias (Defendant) Case CR2008-031021-001 ("Criminal Court Case Information - Case History", 2014) vs State of Arizona on the murder of Travis Alexander (Victim), the modern day story of sex, lies, violence, and revenge. The trial of State of Arizona vs Jodi Arias is being tried in the Maricopa County Superior Court ("Criminal Court Case Information - Case History", 2014); the following paper outlines the process that follows in the criminal investigation up to the final stage. I have listened to nearly 12 hours of testimony from the key players that I have listed, from the courthouse in Maricopa County. When this particular case first was reported I remember finding it very interesting and was following the progress for some time. I recently became aware that this trial is still in the final sentencing after numerous jury dismissals, mistrials, hung jury, allegations of perjury, prosecution wrongdoing, and defense cover-ups.

On June 4 2008, Travis Alexander a 30-year-old businessman who lived in Mesa, Arizona was murdered in his home, found almost a week later on June 9, 2008, on the floor of his stand up shower ("Jodi Arias Murder Case: Timeline Of Events", 2014) . Almost immediately, a person of interest was identified, by the Mesa Police Department when she called the detective that was assigned the case ("Jodi Arias Trial: Day 2: 1 of 2: Evidence Reviewed (no Sidebars)", 2013).  Jodi Arias, 28 year old, photographer, and former girlfriend of Travis Alexander, called Esteban Flores twice, first leaving a message and second leaving a message with a receptionist who notified Flores of the call. Jodi Arias was originally indicted on first-degree murder by the grand jury on July 9, 2008, and arrested on July 15, and plead not guilty on September 11, 2008. Initially Jodi told police that she was not in Mesa, AZ on the day of the murder, and later said that two intruders had broken in to the home of Alexander, attacking her and murdering Alexander, finally two years after Jodi Arias arrest she pleaded guilty of self-defense, claiming she was a victim of domestic violence (Mitchell, 2013).  After 4 and ½ years with the murder, trial starting January 2 2013 continues, and the media coverage has not lessened. The Maricopa County Superior Court with Judge Sherry Stephens presiding over the very gruesome case, perpetrated by one very calculating defendant who has admitted killing Travis Alexander after he became enraged that she dropped his newly purchased digital camera and in self-defense, stabbed him over 29 times, and shot him, and slit his neck, now goes into the sentencing phase after numerous juror dismissals, and accusations of prosecutor mishandling, and defense cover ups. This trial and the defense of Jodi Arias has a total price tag of over 2.5 million that rests on the taxpayers of Arizona (Kraft, 2015). 

Lifetime aired “Jodi Arias “Dirty Little Secrets”, “Exposed” Secret Life of Jodi Arias, authored by Jane-Velez Mitchell, made its debut in hard back, paper back and audio download on August 20, 2013 thru Amazon (Mitchell, 2013). 

Discovery and Investigation
A burglary that was reported at the residence of Jodi Arias’ grandparents, where she was residing revealed that among items stolen and never recovered was a .25-caliber gun.
Jodi Arias rented a car 100 miles from her grandparents residence on June 2 and drove the car from Redding, California over 2,800 miles telling the rental company she would be using the rental locally. When Jodi Arias returned the rental car on June 7, it was missing floor mats, and had stains on the front and back seats upholstery (Kiefer, 2014). 

Travis Alexander’s voice mail had been accessed on June 5, which supported...

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