Court System Paper

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Court System Paper
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21 May 2013 John V. Baiamonte, Jr. PhD  

Florida County Courts
The state of Florida 67 County Courts along with the Circuit Courts, Florida District Court of Appeals and Supreme Court are established via the State Constitution under Article V titled Judiciary. County Courts Judges differed based on community population and caseload for each county. Each county court judges must a registered voter of the specified county that are requesting office of and a member of the Florida Bar for five years; however districts with an inhabitants of 40,000 or less the person is only required to be a member of the Florida Bar. According to "Florida State Courts" (n.d.), " County judges are eligible for assignment to circuit court, and they are frequently assigned as such within the judicial circuit that embraces their counties” (Organization). Each county court judge will serve a six-year term in office and will adhered to all punitive ethics not only of the county they are responsible for but also the Judicial Qualification Commission, along with other court officers. County Court Judges cases will encounter cases such as misdemeanors, small claims up to $5,000, civil cases up to and including $15,000, and traffic cases First Judicial Circuit of Florida

The 1st Judicial Circuit is consist of four districts; Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Walton Counties. Within each circuit is a Chief Judge who is in charge for the supervision of the courts. According to "First Judicial Circuit of Florida" (2011),”The circuit court is Florida's trial court of general jurisdiction. Each of the state's 20 judicial circuits incorporates one or more counties.” (Overview). In Florida the circuit courts have limited original jurisdiction dealing with the following...

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