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The court system in the United States serves as a tool to ensure that the society keep certain order and respect the law created by the Legislative and Executive power. The court system will ensure that crimes receive the deserve sanction applying the law (severe or not that severe, depending on the type of the crime) (Siegel L.J., Schmalleger F., Worrall J.L. 2011) How fair is the court system? How the court system that is used in today's America was created or developed? How it works?

A case that was presented by the United States media recently was the case George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman killed a young black boy named Trevon Martin during his community watch period. This case brought a lot of media attention because the race of the victim and the defendant, and at the same time that media attention, on my personal opinion, had a lot of influence in the case development. Like this case, there is hundred and thousand of cases that are influenced by different situations, and sometime the court is not that fair working cases in courtrooms as is supposed to be. To understand how the system works, it is necessary to understand first where it came from.

Court System
The Court: “..critical component of the American criminal justice system.. they determine what should happen to people charged with violating the law” (Siegel L.J., Schmalleger F., Worrall J.L. 2011).

In the United States, the courts are defined by the U.S. Justice Department as “an agency or unit” that is part of the judicial branch with the authority to clarify, decide and dismissed cases in controversy between two or more different parties. Basically the main purposes of the court are: upholding the law (the court have an obligation to support, preserve and protect the law), to protect individuals (defend the people's rights and preserve their liberties), to resolve disputes (clear up disagreements between two private citizen – civil category – or...

References: Larry J. Siegel, Frank Schmalleger, John L. Worrall. (2011) Courts and Criminal Justice in America (1st Edition)
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