Court System

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Court System

Court System
The United States Constitution is the uppermost law of our country and creates the federal system of government where federal and state governments distribute power. “The Constitution gives specific powers to the federal (national) government. All power not delegated to the federal government remains with the states. Each of the fifty states has its own state constitution and governmental structure” ("Federal Judicial Center", 2011). The United States Court system has provided order and justice for the United States of America. The system has since been refreshed and updated for modern times. The criminal court systems were intended to ensure all citizens are receive a fair and neutral trial in spite of gender, race, color, national origin, or religion. The dual court system is the division between the federal and state court system that make up the judicial branch of government. Federal courts hear criminal and civil cases that involve constitutional and federal law such as bankruptcy or Federal Tax. The state courts reserve the power to hear civil and criminal cases associated to state laws and constitutional issues. “Separation of government authority prevents abuse of power” ("Federal Judicial Center", 2011). The state and federal courts have branches beneath them. The state first has the local courts at the base. Second is followed by the state circuit courts and appellate courts. Last the New Jersey Supreme court. The federal has their district courts on the base. Next the federal appellate courts are second. The final is the United States Supreme Court. In the United States, the federal and state governments have their own court systems and no two states are the same. The federal government and court are responsible to deal with issues which happen on a national level. The State governments and courts are responsible for issues which happen within their own state. Each state can be involved in matters in other...

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