Court Mandated Birth Control!

Topics: Birth control, Sterilization, Tubal ligation Pages: 4 (1037 words) Published: November 7, 2009
Women that have lost their parental rights due to substance abuse/physical abuse/neglect/etc some are continuing to conceive and neglect/abuse their children; finding themselves again and again fighting the court system to keep their children. Tax payers have been supporting these families long enough, when does the state/government say enough is enough and file a motion for court ordered birth control. Other states have court ordered pharmaceutical birth control or tubal ligation/IUD (5-10 year contraceptive) under certain circumstances, Michigan and several other states says it's unconstitutional. I am appalled at the fact that this country would put up with this. These children are our future and to continue this way is just telling children that there pain and suffering doesn’t matter, as long as there drug addicted/neglectful parents are expressing there constitutional rights. What about the rights of the children, doesn’t there rights matter. I want to know what the sample population believes; should there or shouldn’t there be court ordered birth control?

Review of Literature
United States Court of Appeals - District Court for the Western District of Missouri Plaintiffs- Margaret Vaughn and Kevin Vaughn
Defendant - Sutton Ruoff
This was a case involving a mildly retarded woman (Margaret) that was coerced by her caseworker (Sutton) to get her tubes tied, if Margaret got her "tubes tied, she would have her kids back in two to three weeks". Soon after getting her tubes tied her parental rights were terminated. Numerous cases show that minimum procedures regularly precede state compelled sterilizations, and some clearly establish that pre-sterilization procedures are constitutionally required. In this case the sterilization was justified. It’s true that involuntary sterilization is not always unconstitutional if it is a narrowly tailored means to achieve a compelling government interest. But in this...
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