Court Issues

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Running Head: Court Issues Analysis

Court Issues Analysis


Dr. Hector Garcia

Rebecca Young

November 14, 2011

Court Issues Analysis


Each and every police entity has issues or problems that must be dealt with on a daily basis. Whether it is technology, personnel, monetary etc.There are always problems to deal with. In the following paragraphs issues that our court systems deal with will be defined.

Law Enforcement and Technology

Law enforcement of today are always looking for ways to make their jobs easier and more efficient. Each and every day police departments are sent material of impending new inventions that are supposed to make their jobs easier and more efficient. One of the newest technologies that is being proposed to law enforcement is electronic tickets. While all law enforcement entities can understand that this would save money and time, our court systems are not ready for this type of technology. Law enforcement entities of today must drop off hard copies of all citations and charges to our courts daily. This new technology that is being introduced will alleviate driving to the courts and will send these tickets electronically through the World Wide Web, thus saving money and time.

Heavy Caseload

One of the biggest problems that courts face today is heavier case loads than of the past. In the law enforcement was not afforded the technology of today and did not write as many tickets or charge a lot of people. With the use of k-9’s, car computers and printouts from computers, officers are able to define if someone has an outstanding warrant and if the person is driving without a license. These technologies allow law enforcement to write more citations thus backing up our courts in the courts process. With law enforcement technology changing from day to day, this has an affect on our court’s docket and caseload.

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