Court for Custody

Topics: Family, Foster care, Marriage Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Court for Custody|
Amy Burnside|


A married couple, both addicted to drugs, is unable to care for their infant daughter. She is taken from them by court order and placed in a foster home. The years pass. She comes to regard her foster parents as her real parents. They love her as they would their own daughter. When the child is 9 yrs. old, the natural parents, rehabilitated from drugs, begin court action to regain custody. The case is decided in their favor. The child is returned to them, against her will. The two of the Three Primary Schools of Ethics that this dilemma is Ends Based Ethics and Rule Based Ethics. I am going to discuss the similarities and differences in Ends Based Ethics and Rule Based Ethics within this dilemma. I do think Ends Based Ethics and Rule Based Ethics are used in real life dilemmas. With the dilemma that I have chosen had hit home with me. So I have used both of these Primary Schools of Ethics with my dilemma. Everyone in the world does use the Three Primary Schools of Ethics every day in their lives. The end based ethics and rule based ethics are about the same and different in so many ways. End Based Ethics are a personal set of principles that conduct right or wrong. Rule Based Ethics are approach to ethics to give priority to rules. These dilemma plays on your heart for the child. But on the other hand you feel anger at the parents. The similarities in this dilemma for Ends Based and Rule Based are behaviors, human treatment, and the right way. The behaviors within this dilemma are how the little girl loves her foster parents, does not even know the real parents, how the foster parents loves the little girl as their own daughter. The human treatment within this dilemma are how the foster parents treats the little girl, how the real parents could not take care of the little girl when she was an infant, and how the court steps in to remove the little girl to give her a chance to...
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