Court Experience

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, United States Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Court Experience Observation
Intro to Criminal Justice 101

Many people desagree with many rules and regulations in the United States however we have the freedom of speech. Freedom to vote and do many others things.What makes united states different from many contries is that other countries dont give you the rigth to a peedy and oublic trial .In some contries the goverments have the rigths to do whatever they want and put in jail whoever they want with no accusations or reasons.The unites states system have the components that are in place to insure that everyone have a fairl trail based on evidence. Back in time trials were held in massive courts and there was usually a fair length of time that separated each one. In today’s time, though, we have the means to hold several trials a day in any courtroom and the trials can cover a multitude of crimes at any given time. A cople weeks ago i had the priviledge to watch a cople cases with my class of Into to Criminal Justice and see how the Juducial System works. The 1st time that we went to the court as a clas we though we where going to watch a real trial meaning one main case. However small trials where going on however the cases where misdemeaner meaning less than a year in jail. The 1st case was Jonathan Hipoli, dosmestic violance on august 29,2011. His girlfriend decided to drop the charges and infront of eceryone she scream i love you and im sorry. The judge strictly told him that he cannot have any type of contact with the victim even though the charges where droped. 2nd Case Manuel Melendez he played guilty for trasspassing however he was in probation and was sent to jail for 49 days. 3r case Marcel he broke in to his ex-girlfriend apartment and had to pay a fine of $158 by febuary 18 and no contact with the victim. 4th case Ricardo Arocho he was gulty for trasspasing and braking into a car and taking somethings from it. He gave up his rigths to have a trial he was sent to jail for 60 days at the...
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