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Introduction: In this assignment I will be talking about aims and objectives of a private sector companies, public sector companies and voluntary sector companies. Definition of business aim: An aim is where the business wants to go in the future, its goals. It is a statement of purpose, e.g. we want to grow the business into Europe. Definition of business objectives: A business objective is the map you will use to reach the goals you have for your organization. If you are creating a business or planning for your company's future, you will not garner much success without clearly defined business objectives. A business objective will create a union between the mission and the strategies of your organization (.e. marketing, productivity, projected profits, results). If you and your employees do not know where the organization is headed---then everyone will just travel in different "failing" directions. Aims and objective of Apple Inc (private sector)

Apple has a very different business outlook. They aim to provide the most user friendly computer. They try to provide an operating system that is very reliable for the end user and requires little maintenance. They also aim to develop the most unique yet simple hardware. Apple also wants to introduce revolutionary new devices and new technologies to the computing world that we have not seen before. To make as much profit as possible, to increase business reputation, increase the market share, and business globalisation. Their objective will be to grow in Asia by 2015.

Aims and objectives of NHS (public sector)
To improve the quality and length of life of local people.
To provide better services where they are need most.
To help prop to take more control of their health and healthcare. Better identification of health needs backed by creative responses. NHS breast cancer screening programme will be extended to all women aged 47-73 by 2012...

References: Realistic-
Timely – I will achieve all my aims and objectives by the end of this year (2012)
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