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Course Syllabus Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference
Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please remember this syllabus is considered to be the ruling document.

Course Information COURSE NUMBER: Eng/221 COURSE TITLE: Technical Writing Fundamentals

COURSE START DATE: December 9, 2008

COURSE END DATE: January 26, 2009


Students are required to read all materials available at the rEsource site for this course on From your homepage, in the box for this course, click on rEsource.

Note: The Gregg Reference Manual and the APA Manual are program textbooks to be acquired at the beginning
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Consequently, when you are conducting research for an assignment, your primary sources should be peer-reviewed academic journals, such as those you find in the University Library or in the additional readings on the rEsource page for this course. PLEASE NOTE: Internet searches will often take you to non-academic information resources such as,,,, etc. The information you find there may not be accurate since it does not come under a formal oversight or peer-review process. Do not use non-academic resources such as Wikipedia . Your primary sources should be peer-reviewed academic journals. Further, remember that you are responsible for the accuracy of any facts you present in your assignments and therefore should confirm the veracity of information you find on non-academic sources through further research. …show more content…
Review the objectives from Week Two, and discuss additional insights and questions that may have arisen.
2. As a group, come to a conclusion on which item to cover in the user manual. Create a memo to your instructor explaining your proposal for your team project. Include as an attachment to your memo a 1-2 page outline of your proposed user manual.

Brief Summary of Week Two Deliverables

|Assignment |Individual or Learning Team |Location |Due |
|Participation |Individual |Main |Ongoing— 4 days per week |
|Discussion Questions |Individual |Main |Thursday/Saturday |
|Draft of User Manual |Learning Team |Learning Team Forum |Ongoing |
|Paper on Technical Writing in the |Individual |Individual Forum |Monday |
|Corporate environment | | |

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