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University of Phoenix Associate of Arts Concentration in Criminal Justice Enrollment Agreement  AACJ 013A  AACJ 013B For Office Use Only:  Reentry  Program/Version Change  Track Change IRN ________________________

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AACJ 013 Track A If you list on your admissions application 24 or more previous college credits, you must take GEN/105 Skills for Learning in an Information Age as the first course and are not required to enroll in the First-Year Sequence. AACJ 013 Track B If you list on your admissions application less than 24 college credits, you must complete the following First-Year Sequence: US/101 Introduction to University Studies (Required as first course) 3 credits SCI/162 Principles of Health and Wellness 3 credits FP/101 Foundations of Personal Finance 3 credits COM/155 University Composition and Communication I 3 credits *COM/156 University Composition and Communication II 3 credits PSY/201 Foundations of Psychology 3 credits *HUM/111 Critical and Creative Thinking (Required as last course) 3 credits AACJ 013 (Tracks A & B) Criminal Justice Concentration *CJS 200 Foundations of the Criminal Justice System 3 credits *CJS 210 Fundamentals of Policing 3 credits *CJS 220 Introduction to Criminal Court System 3 credits *CJS 230 Introduction to Corrections 3 credits *CJS 240 Introduction to Juvenile Justice 3 credits *CJS 250 Introduction to Security 3 credits Subtotal 18 credits General Education Requirements: Communication Arts [Must include COM/150 and COM/220 (Track A) or COM/155 and COM/156 (Track B)] 6 credits Mathematics (Must be MAT/116 or higher to satisfy requirement) 6 credits Science and Technology [Must include 3 credits in the physical or biological sciences (Track A) or SCI/162 (Track B)] 6 credits Humanities [Must include CRT/205 (Track A) or HUM/111 (Track B)] 6 credits...
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