Course Syllabus

Topics: One Thousand and One Nights, Literature, Poetry Pages: 18 (1015 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Republic of the Philippines
Glan, Sarangani Province
Course No: English 311
Course Title: Afro-Asian Literature
Course Description: Introduction to Afro-Asian Literature
Credit Unit: 3
Number of Hours:
Colege Vision: The SKPSC endeavors to prepare and update itself in all instructional requisite in terms of the need to help totally transformation the vast resources not only the province of Sultan Kudarat but also the nearby provinces through science and technology in order to provide a better life and establish a community peace, unity, equality and prosperity. College Mission: The College shall primarily give the professional and technical training in science and technology and shall provide advanced and specialized instructions and in Literature, Philosophy, Arts and Sciences besides providing for the promotion of scientific and technological research. Program Goals:

Program Objectives:
Course Objectives: Recognize Africa, Asia and other Asian Countries as a unique continent of the world through reading literary masterpieces.

1. Resurvey the outstanding characteristics of Afro-Asian Literature.

2. Find pleasure in reading Afro-Asian literary pieces.

3. Identify the different forms of Afro-Asian Prose and Poetry.

|TOPIC OUTLINE |OBJECTIVES |ACTIVITY/STRATEGIES |EVALUATION |NO. OF HOURS |DATE | |MIDTERM | | | | |June 18, 2009 - | |I. Afro-Asian Literature | |Directed Reading |Writing Outputs |3 Hours |August 23, 2009 | |*African Literature |Characterize African literature. |Interactive Learning |Online Quiz | | | | |Differentiate oral and written literature |Reporting |Quizzes and Assignments | | | |African Writers and Poets |Appreciate African literary works in English |Cooperative Learning | | | | | |Identify various African writers. | | | | | |Poetry | | | | | | |Africa by David Diop | | | | | | |Once Upon a Time by Gabriel Okara | | | |...

References: The Literatures of Asia and Africa. Carolina R. Duka.
Prepared by: Recommending Approval: Approve by:
ROGELIO B. LASCONIA JR. ________________________________ ___________________________
Instructor Dept. Chairman Dean
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