Course Outline of Marketing Management

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Marketing Management
Course Outline
Course Description:
This course is designed for you, undergraduates, to improve your understanding of and skills in marketing as a discipline.

We use cases, discussions, and readings to provide a mix of integrated concepts and hands-on problem solving approaches. We, at the same time, encourage a variety of perspectives by our attendees on marketing issues.

In this course we seek to:

← Introduce you to critical concepts and phenomena in marketing; ← Develop your skills in marketing analysis and planning; ← Familiarize you with marketing strategies and tactics; ← Enhance your problem solving and decision making abilities from marketing perspectives and insights.

Kotler, Philip and Kevin L. Keller (2006), Marketing Management, 12th Edition, Prentice Hall.

Teaching Outline:
Week 1
Understanding Marketing
• Course Introduction
• What is Marketing
• Video Case: The Change of the News Groups in Guangzhou Readings:
• Chapter 1 in Marketing Management
• Note on Marketing Strategy (HBS 9-578-061)

Week 2
Marketing philosophies and Customer Value
• Production Philosophy
• Product Philosophy
• Sales Philosophy
• Marketing Philosophy
• Creating Customer Value
• Chapter 1 and 5 in Marketing Management
• Marketing Myopia (HBR R0407L, by Theodore Levitt)

Week 3
Connecting with Customers
• Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
• Analyzing the Market
• Bora in China (developed by Yiping Song)
• Chapter 5, 6, and 7 in Marketing Management • Note on Consumer Behavior

Week 4
Dealing with Competition
• Identifying Competitors
• Competitive Strategies
• Cola wars in China: The Future is Here (Ivey 903A06) Readings:
• Chapter 11 in Marketing Management

Week 5
STP Strategies
• Market Segmentation
• Market Targeting
• Market Positioning
• Tweeter etc. (HBR 9-597-028)
• Chapter 10 in Marketing Management
• Perceptual Mapping: A Manager’s Guide (HBS 9-590-121)

Week 6
Differentiation and Branding
• Differentiation Strategies
• Brand and Branding
Case Study:
• Inside Intel Inside (HBS 5-502-083)
• Chapter 9 and 10 in Marketing Management
• Should You Take Your Brand to Where the Action Is? (HBS 97501)

Week 7
Marketing Research in China (by guest speaker)

Week 8
Presentation of Term Project Design

Week 9
Product Strategy
• What is a product
• Attributes of a product
• Developing new product
• The Birth of the Swatch (HBR 9-403-096)
• Chapter 12 in Marketing Management
• The House of Quality

Week 10
Services Strategy
• What is a service
• Service-Quality Model
• Chapter 13 in Marketing Management
• A Conceptual Model of Service Quality and Its Implications (Journal of Marketing, Fall 1985, by A. Parasuraman, et al.)

Week 11
Pricing Strategy
• Price in marketing vs. price in economics • Initiating and responding to price change Case:
• Hartmann Luggage Company: Price Promotion Policy (9-581-068) Reading:
• Chapter 14 in Marketing Management...
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