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Course Expectation/Content “Expectation from Related Course” – GLC 2OC| How did the Ministry Expectation apply to your Co-op placement experience? (Provide specific examples of tasks, events…)| Skill Development/ Learning (Identify the ESSENTIAL SKILL developed and other learning acquired, with respect to your example)| Identify, on the basis of research, selectedoccupations or fields of work most suitedto them based on their personal profile.| Based on my personal profile in career studies and the fields that were most suitable for me are careers that require me to use a more artistic side and more hands on. In my co-op placement I was very involved in visual merchandising by styling window mannequins and stock which both require me to be artistic and hands on| Continuous Learning| Identify the employability skills beingdeveloped through their school studies.| School studies helped me develop many employability skills such as communication skills which were developed from working with my classmates on different projects. Reading was also one of the employability skills that was developed through school.| Working with Others| Organize relevant documents (e.g., learningplan, personal profile, career research,action plan) into a portfolio and use themto select an appropriate pathway forsecondary school studies.| Working on my portfolio in career studies reassured me that I was interested in getting in to the fashion design field and select the appropriate secondary school studies which lead me a co-op placement that involved visual merchandising and working with styling clothes on mannequins by using my creative side.| Continuous Learning| Explain the organization and graduationrequirements of the secondary schoolprogram, including types of courses andprogram pathways and the possible destinationsfor which they are appropriate.| One of the requirements for getting into fashion design is to have retail experience on your resume which is one of many...
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