Courageous Person

Topics: High school, Bryant & Stratton College, The Streets Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Tyrell Bryant was raised by a single mother as his father wasn’t that active in their lives. Growing up with very little self-esteem, it was always hard for him to make any steady friendships, or any steady grades. It wasn’t until he entered high school in 2000, that he realized he wasn’t going anywhere fast. Failing classes and dropping out of the 9th grade with a GPA of .33, he felt that school wasn’t for him. He and his mother fell on hard times and it was a slow crawl back up the hill to where he and her are today, experiencing everything from the loss of material possessions to the loss of his father in 2003. The definition of courage is the will and/or the willingness to embrace and fully feel our fear as we take actions and risks in service to our highest commitments and deepest desires. Courage includes full acknowledgment, experience, and illumination of our fear, while taking the appropriate actions. It also includes an acknowledgment and devotion of self for choosing the courage regardless of the outcome. The courage that this man possesses after enduring such hardships makes him a strong individual and keeps his family bond stronger.

Imagine being reduced of everything of possession; car, home, money, cell phone, food, all in one day. In June of 2003 Tyrell and his mother became homeless, in which unbeknownst to them they would remain for 7 years. To the average person that may think this could never happen to them, I’m almost sure they never thought it would happen to them either. They both have shared their experiences with me of their time in the streets; some of the stories are unbelievable of how they had to live to survive out her in this cold cruel society. Despite the hardships that he and his mother were facing Tyrell remained strong and took care of his mother as her health began to decline. As the years went along, and Tyrell began growing into a man he knew he had to make some decisions to better him and his mother’s life. In 2009,...
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