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I've never thought of myself as a very courageous person before. When I thought about the word courageous I would always think about those people that you hear about on the news that risk their lives to save others. This would explain why I never pictured myself as courageous, I've never saved anyones life before. There was no way that I could be compaired to those outstanding citizens on the news. But then one day my veiw on the word courageous changed, and I realized that I too could be called courageous.

Back in middle school and junior high all the students would have to attend an assembly once a year that was focused on bullying. Every year they would tell us the same thing; how bullying can effect a person, different types of bullying, how to identify bullying, and last but not least, how to stop bullying. The schools did this every year in hopes that it would reduce bullying. It did, but only for about a week after the assembly. Then the usual backstabbing and making fun of the 'weird' kids in class and in the halls would resume. But things were different after the bullying assembly in ninth grade, I guess that after listening to same scripted speech every year it's effect didn't work as well on some students.

Right after the assembly had ended and all the students were walking back to their classes I heard some boys laughing. I turned down smaller hallway that was out of sight of the large crowd leaving the gymnasium. When I turned down the hallway I saw something that I've only seen in movies. A group of boys beating up another boy that was much smaller than them was just something that never happened in school but I was now facing the truth, it could in fact happen in school and it wasn't just something that existed in movies now. I was in shock for a second, this wasn't suppsoed to be happening yet. There was supposed to be a week of peace in the school and now I was seeing a version of bullying I've never seen before. Then I remebered...
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