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AVERIA, Agatha Jinky W.


The story is about four police officers who serve and protect their community and their being in the ‘fatherhood’ phase. The story has content about drugs and violence.

On the first part of the movies when one of the characters, Nathan Hayes, almost hijacks his car but he is not worry about that he cares what is inside and it is his son. I see the character as protective to his child and he also said in the movie that he move to that place so that his family has a better and slow pace living. He was also strict to his daughter when it comes to dating because the daughter was so young but later in the movie he mends to his daughter. He also never met his biological father and he some other time went to its grave and forgives his father. Another character Adam Mitchell was more supportive to his daughter and more distant to his son. But when the tragedy strikes the death of his daughter he was devastated and after the incident he read about fatherhood in the Bible. He reconnects to his son. Another character Shane Fuller is divorced maybe he was influenced because his parents were divorced when he was young but he has still connection to his son although the mother he thinks ‘poison’ the mind of his son. Later in the movie he was the one stealing drugs from the evidences of police. He was arrested and imprisoned. He asks Adam to look after his son and takes his responsibility about the crime. Also one of the main characters, David Thompson, was survived his rookie year and I think he is not experienced in using a real gun. Also reveals in the movie that he has a child when he was in college and abandoned the girl he impregnates when it does not want abortion. He later meets his child. The story is encouraging to watch to all those people and to make their lives touch.
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