Courage in to Kill a Mockingbird

Topics: Nazi Germany, Fascism, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Swing Kids Essay

Swing Kids was a disturbing film exposing the techniques of the Nazi dictatorship in Germany during the early 1900s in which Peter and Thomas struggle with their identities in the face of Nazism. In the pressure of society and with the change in nation, they change from what they actually were. Peter and Thomas changed from being an anti-Nazi to a Nazi supporter and again anti-Nazi because of the pressure and incidents that they have to face in the German society. Peter was very passionate and influenced by American music and dance. He was a swing kid and an anti-Nazi. After he is caught for a petty theft and comes out of the prison, his mother tells him to join the HJ so that they will not be disturbed by any of the Nazi official. He joins the HJ because of his mother. His brain was washed by the Nazis when he joins HJ and he became a Nazi supporter. But when he sees that Thomas was ready to go against Arvid for Nazism, he again starts thinking that Nazis are wrong. He became very definite of being an anti- Nazi again when he comes to know that he was delivering ashes of the Jewish supporters to their families and becomes a Swing kid. Because of the pressure from society he joined HJ and started to support Nazism but a few incidents changes him again. Thomas was also influenced by American music and dance. He was also an anti-Nazi and a swing kid. After Peter joins HJ, he also joins HJ just for the sake of friendship. His brain was washed so much by the Nazis that he was ready to go against his friend Arvid who was an anti-Nazi. He totally became Nazi and supported Nazism even after Arvid died. But when he fought with Thomas and Peter was captured by Nazis for being a swing kid, Thomas understands that he was wrong and again started to support the cause of swing kids as he says at the end, “Swing Hail”. Thomas changed because of the incidents that are listed above. He became a Nazi from being an anti-Nazi and then again became an anti-Nazi....
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