Country Traditional Costumes

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Ancient Traditional Chinese Clothing
Han Chinese clothing, or Hanfu (TC: 漢服; SC: 汉服; pinyin: hànfú;; literally "Clothing of the Han people") refers to the pre-17th century traditional clothing of the Han Chinese, the predominant ethnic group of China. Hanfu encompasses all types of traditional clothing worn by the Han Chinese ethnic group. As such, it has a history as long as the history of the Han Chinese people. Hanfu was eliminated by Manchu invaders by force in the 17th century, and is largely unknown in China today, except among a small but vocal group of people advocating the revival of Hanfu as a Chinese national costume. [pic]

Eastern Europe
Traditional Costumes are still sometimes worn for Weddings and other important family and social events. The man's Gorale jacket from the Mountain region of Poland is made from the finest unbleached wool with distinctive hand needlework. The matching trousers are also decorated with exquisite needlework and feature a black stripe down each leg. Note the black felt hats with tiny conch shell bands. The traditional shoes worn with this outfit are moccasinlike with long laces that are wound tight over the trouser bottom. These beautiful jackets, and the ladies vests are often passed down through generations.

The ladies vest is embroidered with dyed silk and sometimes sequens, tiny beads, or pearls. The strings of red beads that are so common to ladies outfits were traditionally coral.

Macedonian National Dresses

The Valley National Dress of the Prilep region is found in most of the settlements of the Prilep valley, i.e. in the north-east part of the Pelagonia plain. It is similar to the dress in the Bitola valley and forms a complete whole with it, except for certain minor differences in the nuances of color and the embroidery technique. In the Prilep valley dress flame red and blood yellow are...
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