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Table of Contents

Automotive History
Modern Global Automobile Industry
Toyota and World Automobile Industry
Globalizing and Localizing Manufacturing
Major countries in which Toyota have its plant
Main reasons for Country evaluation and selection
International Operations Control
Factors include in country selection and evaluation
Strategies in emerging market to control sales fluctuation
IMV Project to control sales fluctuation
Efforts in emerging market

Automotive History
The history of the automobile begins with the technological breakthroughs that occurred in Europe during the early 1800's and continues a century later with the pioneering efforts of American manufactures to begin mass-producing cars. The world economic downturn leading up to World War II led to consolidation in the fragmented automobile manufacturing market, while in the postwar period, renewed economic growth, television advertising, and a expanding road system accelerated sales for automobile producers in many industrialized countries. Design, service, and speed became trademarks of the successful companies, as evidence by the every growing range of car models and the increasing popularity of NASCAR racing in the United States. However, as the industry matured, manufacturers had to reach an accommodation with labor unions, increasing government controls and consumer expectations for annual changes in product design. Trade conflicts led to Voluntary Export Restraints (VERs) and new questions about the value of globalization. The automobile, while providing greater personal freedom and economic growth, also served as the basis for questioning the value of technological progress. Scholars considered the effects of urban sprawl (and the advantages of urban planning), and the tradeoffs between economic growth, pollution, and conservation. Subsequent industry mergers, the ongoing threat of oil crises, and environmental degradation continues to affect the automobile industry today. Modern Global Automobile Industry

Today, the modern global automotive industry encompasses the principal manufacturers, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, and DaimlerChrylser, all of which operate in a global competitive marketplace. It is suggested that the globalization of the automotive industry, has greatly accelerated during the last half of the 1990's due to the construction of important overseas facilities and establishment of mergers between giant multinational automakers Industry specialists indicate that the origins in the expansion of foreign commerce in...
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