Country music

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Music 360
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2 March, 2013
Country Music
Since America has changed drastically throughout the years, music has changed along with it. Music changed with the times and captured those moments inside them. Music lets us take a look at the past and gives us a chance to feel the emotions that were happening within those years. America was an independent natation that conformed to no one else and it showed. We as a nation had to grow and learn on our own and people expressed it in the art especially. Throughout the centuries we have evolved drastically and the music will always progress with us as it shows in the music we listen to today, even country itself.

In the begging of time music was thought of as only an expression since it could not be shown to many others. In America alone, the styles that we enjoy today such as blues, rock and roll and country derive from the Native Americans who first walked this land. For these people the music was in various forms and was mostly in religious purposes. With the arrival of foreigners from different countries brought different styles with them; along with a great amount of new instruments to play. As the United States brought together so many immigrants, America incorporated their own style into the music forum.  The American dream has much to do with raising yourself by your own, and that is what American music did in the 19th century. The 19th century began with mostly fiddlers, fifers and congregations while ending with brilliant opera houses and some of the best orchestras worldwide. The United States had an array of multi-ethnic styles and came out the biggest nation for variety of music entertainment with the most known musicians ever. African Americans contributed some of the most popular styles we use today, especially in country music.

Country music has come a long way since the begging of time. Country music was created from African American blues with Appalachian folk. This form of...
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