Country Life vs. City Life

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Both city and country life have their appeals but, until I can master being at two places at once, only one can ever truly be a reality. Both of them have their appeals and their issues that depend strongly on the person looking to resettle. One persons big open yard for the kids to play in is anothers acre of pain in the ass yard work. While one persons busy city life is anothers anxiety inducing heart attack.

Shows like “Little House on the Prarie” have filled our heads with romanticised ideas of raising your kids as hard working individuals who know the value of a penny. Running down the the local shop and getting a couple shirts, a new pair of pants, food for the next month and even a shiny new toy. All for a dime!

Well that may not be as far from the truth as one would think. Country life is significantly cheaper than city life. Property is far cheaper, getting a very nice sized home on a huge lot of land, even with a pool. All for about the price of a mid sized apartment in Manhattan. With it being the country fashion is also not a big issue. Not to say that everyones wearing rags but there is notably far less emphasis on getting the latest Jordans or that new designer purse, belt or hair clip.

People are generally a lot friendlier too. In small towns of only a couple hundred, everyone knows everyone. A stranger smiling at you or offering to lend a helping hand leads to a feeling of renewed faith in humanity rather than the impending feeling that you're about to be mugged. The sense of community is far stronger in a the country where it is virtually nonexistent in the big city. People get far more involved in the community to make sure that the town stays true to its essence.

Anyone who’s tried driving through New York at rush hour knows that the lack of traffic in the country sounds like heaven itself. You are not reliant on public transit and don’t have to be as worried about getting caught in traffic on your way to your destination. Though the...
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