Country Analysis Report South Korea in Depth

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Country Analysis Report - South Korea - In-depth PESTLE Insights

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Country Analysis Report - South Korea - In-depth PESTLE Insights MarketLine Date: Apr, 2010 Pages: 88 Price: US$ 250.00 ID: CD5491EA065EN Introduction The country analysis report on South Korea provides a wide array of analytical inputs to analyze the country’s performance, and the objective is to help the reader to make business decisions and prepare for the future. The report on South Korea analyzes the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (PESTLE) structure of South Korea. The report provides a holistic view of South Korea from historical, current and future perspective. Insightful analysis on critical current and future issues is presented through detailed SCPT (strengths, challenges, prospects and threats /risks) analysis for each of the PESTLE segments. In addition, the PESTLE segments are supplemented with relevant quantitative data to support trend analysis. The PESTLE country analysis report series provides an in-depth analysis of 50 major countries. Features and Benefits Understanding gained from the country analysis report on South Korea can be used to plan business investments or market entry apart from a holistic view of the country. Political section on South Korea provides inputs about the political system, key figures in the country, and governance indicators. Economic section on South Korea outlines the economic story of the country to provide a balanced assessment on core macro-economic issues. Social section on South Korea enables understanding of customer demographics through the income distribution, rural-urban segmentation and centres of affluence, healthcare and educational scenario in the country. Technological section on South Korea provides strategic inputs on information communications and technology, technological laws and policies, technological gaps, patents data and relevant laws. Legal section on South Korea provides information about the legal structure, corporate laws, business set-up procedures and the tax regime. Environmental section provides information on environmental policies in South Korea and the performance in terms of important environmental indicators. Highlights PESTLE analysis of South Korea identifies issues that affect the country’s performance through the prism of current strengths (strengths), current challenges (weaknesses), future prospects (opportunities) and future risks (threats). The political landscape discusses the evolution of the political scenario in South Korea in different periods. The economic, social, foreign and defence policies are considered in the political landscape section. It also discusses the performance of the country as per World Bank Governance Indicators. The economic landscape describes the evolution of the economy of South Korea in different periods. It also examines the country’s performance in terms of GDP growth, composition by sector (agriculture, industry and services), fiscal situation, international investment position, monetary situation, credit disbursement, banking sector and employment. The economic landscape also explains the financial system in the country, especially with regard to financial authorities/regulators. Country Analysis Report - South Korea - In-depth PESTLE Insights 2

Phone: +44 20 8123 2220

The social landscape covers the demographics, education and healthcare scenario in South Korea. The social welfare policies of the government along with the country’s performance in terms of healthcare, income distribution and education are also provided. The technological landscape discusses the structure and policies in terms of Intellectual property, research & development, technology agreements/pacts; and policies related to the...
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